Revered around the world, when it comes to gems and stones, nothing quite grabs one’s attention like the humble diamond. Known to be the king of gems when it comes to the desires of man, what many don’t realise about this gemstone is the vast array of types and cuts that make each diamond unique and special. Enter; the Pink Diamond.

The Pink Diamond is hue of diamond that can range anywhere from murky, yet mysterious brownish pinks, to the more fiery red-pinks and flamboyant purple pinks. This particular type, classified as type IIa, is formed when the cellular structure of the diamond (the crystal lattice) is exposed to both extreme levels of heat and pressure. Pink diamonds make up a total of only 1.8% of all marketed diamond gemstones, and as such are exceedingly rare and valuable. Being a class of “Fancy Coloured Diamond,” it’s most defining feature is its richness in colour, and as such, the more vibrant and pink it is, the higher the value.

Buried deep within the Australian Outback, a land of harsh, yet natural beauty, lies the Kimberly Region, home to one of the world’s largest production by volume diamond mines.

The source of more than 90% of the worlds precious Pink Diamond yearly reserves, the Argyle Mine started operation in 1983 and since 1984 has hosted the yearly Argyle Pink Diamond Tender. The Tender is an exclusive, invite only event where only the best gems of the year are proffered to carefully selected hopefuls.

Over the years, Argyle Mine has given birth to some of the most splendid gem’s that have graced our lands, dazzling collectors with their natural beauty. It is precisely this, however, that increases the demand for the gems. For the last 36 years, the Argyle Mine has carefully curated and displayed its vast collection and reserves, with every year bringing more awareness and interest to their Tender.

The demand for these Fancy Diamonds continues to climb, year after year, yet all good things must eventually come to an end. Argyle Mine itself has gifted to us almost all of her natural beauty, and soon, the worlds primary source of Pink Diamonds will need to rest, her duty done. In time, this will only cause the value of each diamond, the market itself inflating to match the demand for one of, if not, the most precious of hues one can cherish in a diamond.